Building the clone of Myntra Website

Hello readers, we are the group of four peoples and in this blog, we like to share with a project that we team member are worked on. I hope you will learn something from our journey.

First of all I will Thanks to all of my fellow team members for putting there efforts in the cloning of the website, and I will also thanks to Masai School for giving us such a beautiful opportunity.

A brief Introduction of the website

is a platform where you can find different products related to fashion. This platform provide fashionable things for every member of your home, including your home. This platform has enormous varieties of clothing than any other platform over the internet.

Pages available in the website are

Payment page.

Roles and responsibilities of our team members

Team members:

On Day-1 and Day-2 we worked on the Homepage and other pages which are available in the navbar.

On Day-3 we worked on Sign Up and login page also added JS functionality on other pages.

On Day-4 we merged all pages and given the final touch-up to our project.

Rushikesh Pohare was responsible for Homepage and address page and its JS functionalities.

Rahul Kharche was responsible for T-shirt page and he also play an important role in JS functionalities of this page which are really awesome.

Sumit Kumar was responsible for the product adding page and also its JS functionalities like applying coupon.

Saurabh Lal Gupta was responsible for Add to Bag page and payment page and also he played an important role in helping the others in JS functionalities.

Challenges that we face while starting Project

In the initial time of the project, we faced a communicational gap with team members. In the first days, we haven’t go in-depth with Myntra so at that time we ignored the Responsiveness of the page and many functionalities which are very important parts of this project. So, on day-3 we realized our mistakes and did the required change in work, and distributed our work as we planned.

How we solved the problems that we face

We just focused on our strengths and taken time to understand team members and did communication according to that. Worked as per plan. We found our errors and worked on fixing them by helping each other. And also we tried communicate in one on one session if two people need to work over the complicated parts of the pages.

Things learned during this journey


This has been a great and wonderful experience for us and whole team member to get coordinate with each other and build this website in a given time. The excitement of building a certain website almost similar to the main website was unexpectedly a good thing that we had. It is so satisfying. while building a website and merging on a github to the main page. There are many conflicts occurs while merging the pages. But the more you do it, the better you become.

And also we got a new experience on working over #html #CSS # JavaScript